(2008-12-15) Coflo Inc. is happy to announce the launching of "Noubli" service!
Q: Who should use Noubli?
A: Any organization (business, school, government...) with at least 2 people should use Noubli!

What is Noubli?

Let's first take a look at the following common scenario: at the end of a meeting, you assigned a not-so-big assignment to John asking him to finish it in two months (say, August 15); and you assigned another task to Jack to be done by the end of August.

Once the tasks are assigned, how do you follow them up? Who is going to remind you when the time is up?

With Noubli, you can easily set up two tasks and fill in their respective deadlines and reminder dates. On August 15, if the task assigned to John is not closed, then the Noubli system will automatically send you an email notifying you that a task is due on that date. By the same token, an email message will be sent to you at the end of August asking you to check the status of Jack's task. In addition to notifications sending to you about tasks due, also several days before their respective deadlines, reminder email messages will be sent to John or Jack warning them that some tasks are due soon. Also, in order to better manage those tasks, you can easily set up a "meeting" and put the two tasks under this meeting object... [click here to see a 5-minute powerpoint slide show of short intro to Noubli] [click here to see a 2-minute powerpoint slide show of what is a task?]

The basic features of Noubli: reminder, schedule, task management, (putting)issues on records, meeting management and other action items plus 100 M storage space for each organization will be free forever! (We will be introducing more powerful features in the future, some will be charged, some will be free)

How does Noubli work? Please see two short presentations of operations on tasks or assignments and meetings to get a better idea:

We can also use Noubli tasks to help manage "projects", see another 2-minute presentation on ["quasi" project management]

After seeing the presentations, now it is time to give Noubli a try and make you life much easier and happier ever after...:)

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contact: Ganlin Jin (Gary) (Copyright 1996-2008) email: <ganlin_jin@alum dot MIT dot edu

With Noubli you will never forget or lose track of any tasks or commitments, big or small!

If you have any questions or comments, please: [: Poems of Nalan Xinde,translated by Ganlin Jin]